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April 2012

I am pleased to report that Recipco has arrived at the most exciting stage in its history.  


Following years of research and development, extensive engagement with global thought leaders and stakeholders, in-depth business analysis and economic modeling, and meaningful client interactions with over 200 multinational corporations, the Company has discovered two enormous global markets that have yet to be recognized (namely non-monetary trading and unused capacity) and is well positioned to capitalize on the business opportunity these commercial markets represent.


This research has resulted in unique knowledge and insights into these markets and, more importantly, a solid understanding of what is required to build and scale a leading enterprise to serve these unchartered emerging areas of global commerce. The foundation is in place; the Company has built a global ecosystem around its trading platform, compiled a world-class team of managers and Advisors, established Headquarters in London as well as international hubs in North America and China, and is ready to build trading activity and prepare for post commercialization, institutional funding. Recipco's business model and value proposition is so compelling it has attracted the attention and involvement of leading governments, corporations, academics and other global institutions and social purpose organizations, many of who are contributing to the success of this business.  


Recipco is poised, like never before, to introduce its world-changing economic architecture at a time when the global economy is in need of innovative solutions to unlock markets and stimulate growth; Recipco is providing the platform to connect unprecedented levels of unused capacity with equally sizeable global need. Now at a critical inflection point in the path to success, Recipco finds itself in a unique position to tackle what amounts to an enormous market opportunity with extraordinary potential for financial and social returns.  If the Company is even moderately successful in achieving its vision, Recipco will become one of the most profound enterprises of our time.


The Company is closing its current round of funding at the end of this month to ensure adequate resources are available to onboard and service clients, generate trading activity, continue international development and scale the business to realize its full potential.  


Following are just some of the milestones and achievements of the past few months which will give a sense of the momentum the Company is currently experiencing.

James Fierro, Founder and CEO

UK Head Office Unveils New Logo
As preparation for its upcoming communications and advocacy plans, Recipco Capacity Exchange has commissioned a new logo for its London based Headquarters.  Recipco Capacity Exchange is a wholly owned subsidiary of Recipco Holdings Ltd and the new logo will be used universally across the Company's operations. 
Government Alliance and Regional Hub Development
Recipco continues to receive unprecedented support and cooperation from the UK government.  With London firmly established as Recipco's corporate headquarters, and regional trading offices set up in China and North America, Recipco is now preparing to establish regional hubs in a number of other target geographical regions, in order to scale internationally and service global corporate requirements.  Recipco's successful alignment with government bodies in the UK has provided an excellent entry model that the Company is now able to implement with other countries interested in the economic and social benefits of having a Recipco "hub" in their country.  Specific target regions in which the engagement model is well underway include Singapore, India and Saudi Arabia.  In the past 3 months, Recipco management has been to each of these regions to meet with potential partners and contributors.  

UKTI Trade Mission to Saudi Arabia

James Fierro and HRH Prince Turki Bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud
While in Saudi Arabia as part of the UKTI Trade Mission to the region, Recipco CEO James Fierro met with His Royal Highness Prince Turki Bin Talal bin Adbul Aziz Al Saud at his father's home in Riyadh. 

Having initially met at the World Congress on Islamic Philanthropy last year in Dubai, Mr. Fierro was invited to present what His Royal Highness referred to as Recipco's "world changing concept".   

The meeting was followed by a family dinner in the desert and a further presentation of the Recipco business model with an active Q & A session.

Mr. Fierro also met with Minister of Labour, His Excellency Dr. Adel Fakeih to explore the potential for sponsorship by his Ministry and to discuss the opportunities for cooperation with other Ministries and key private sector stakeholders.
  The Minister expressed a clear willingness to engage and proceed to the next stage of cooperation.

Strategic Alliances

Recipco is now deeply engaged with a number of potential Strategic Alliance Partners and public announcements of formal commitments are expected in the coming weeks.  Parties in advanced discussions with Recipco include leading legal and management consulting firms, audit and financial advisory companies, some of the world's largest and most credible financial institutions and a world leader in global infrastructure and software.  These alliances will further strengthen Recipco's offering, value proposition, customer access and service capability.  Recipco will work closely with these companies providing them with an innovative solution to offer their clients and enhance their competitive positioning whilst allowing Recipco to leverage their global footprints to accelerate market penetration and improve its ability to engage and service the leading global corporations it has targeted.

Founding Clients

Recipco will close its current financing efforts at the end of April and focus will shift to engaging target founding clients. It is expected that the Company will complete a handful of representative transactions over the coming months, providing a final stage of market validation that will position Recipco for accelerated growth and a follow-on institutional financing.  Once the Company's operations team is in place and its value proposition has been demonstrated with brand name global clients, Recipco will begin to further scale the business to onboard its extensive client base and their supply chains to drive transaction volume.

Building the Operations Team

As Recipco begins to scale its operations in London, a number of highly skilled individuals have joined the team.  Most recent additions include:

Ruth Lyon

Director of Operations

Ruth Lyon has over 15 years experience in corporate operations and programme management, across both the public and private sectors. In her role at the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) she was responsible for the contracting and management of several multi-million pound projects. In addition, Ms Lyon implemented a new corporate performance management system and project managed a company-wide organizational development initiative.


Prior to SEEDA, Ms Lyon was a partner in a successful consultancy business, delivering a number of consultative projects that provided business value for corporate clients.  Ms. Lyon started her career at IBM (UK) Ltd where she project managed a complex multi-country sales education project as part of a call center consolidation program. 


Sulaiman Al-Assaf 

Managing Director, MENA Region  

Sulaiman Al-Assaf is internationally recognized as a highly competent investment advisor.  Sulaiman Al-Assaf was appointed CEO of Middle East Investment Company early in 2007, leading the young investment startup into the successful conglomerate it is today - a global holding company of businesses in the ICT, Media, Construction & Real Estate, Security, Services and Training sectors. MIC's companies are built around a coherent commercial and operational worldwide strategy, achieving profitability, and winning market share in strategic and emerging EMENA regions.


Previous to his appointment as CEO of Middle East Investment Company, Mr Al-Assaf was MIC's Investment Manager, where he joined early on in 2006.


Building the Advisory Board  


Over the past decade, Recipco has built a world class Advisory Board.  Most recent additions include: 


John Sarpong

John Sarpong is CEO of Africast LLC and President of Southline Industries.  He also founded Southline in 1996 to provide aerospace technical design and certification services for air transport and special mission military aircraft projects.


From 1985 to 1995, Mr Sarpong worked for the Boeing Company in Seattle, where he was inducted into Boeing's prestigious EXPO program for executives. As Boeing's Market Analyst for the Asia/Pacific region, Mr Sarpong was responsible for developing sales and marketing strategies for successful Boeing sales to over 40 airlines in the Asia/Pacific markets.


In August 1999, Mr Sarpong founded Africast LLC and has since built it into a leading IT, media and financial services provider to the Global Africa marketplace. The company's website offers daily news from Africa, money transfer services, and educational and entertainment programming from Africa in streaming video and audio media. The non-profit Africast Foundation is involved in setting up SchoolWeb computer labs in rural schools in Ghana which otherwise could not have access to the internet for learning.


Mr Sarpong co-founded the Digital Diaspora Network for Africa (, serves as Chairman of Digital Partners for Africa (, is a member of the UN ICT Task Force (, and is a member of the Africa Advisory Committee of the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development.


Amir Dossal  



Amir Dossal is a 25-year veteran of the United Nations. He was Executive Director of the UN Office for Partnerships, and served as the UN's Chief Liaison for Partnershipsand focal point for the partnership with media mogul Ted Turner to manage the $1 billion gift to the UN. In that capacity, he forged strategic alliances with governments, corporations, foundations, and philanthropists uniting these partners for a common purpose: to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.  


As the primary interface for the UN Foundation, Mr Dossal successfully attracted new investments of over $560 million from various donors, which supported over 450 international projects for women and children's health, climate change and bio-diversity. He has developed numerous partnerships and secured sizable social investments from such major names as the American Red Cross, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Coca-Cola, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Rotary International. Amir also oversaw management of the UN Democracy Fund, which he established in 2005 as an instrument to strengthen democratic institutions and enhance governance in new and restored democracies.


Currently, Amir Dossal is Founder and Chairman of the Global Partnerships Forum, an international platform which addresses economic and social challenges through innovative partnerships. He is also the Co-Initiator of the Pearl Initiative, a CEO-led program, promoting transparency and accountability in the Gulf Region.


In addition, Mr Dossal is Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union for Global Partnerships and also serves as Commissioner of the Broadband Commission. He is also Special Adviser to the Chief Information Technology Officer of the United Nations. 

"Doing well is a result of doing good"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Recipco's initiative will support sustainable development and social progress for all peoples, from all faiths, and as such the Company remains committed to developing and expanding the immense social purpose opportunities inherent in its business model.  Social purpose, broadly defined as "intentionally going about doing social good", is a concept widely embraced by corporations of all sizes because it is not only good for civilization but also good for business.  In a recent study (Click here to access the 2010 Edelman Good Purpose Study
) 42% of global customers said that in choosing between two companies of equal quality and price, social purpose was the number one deciding factor.  For four years running this study has shown that social purpose is a deciding factor when it comes to attracting customers, investors, partners and strategic alliances. 


The social purpose aspect of Recipco's business is paramount to its success.  The Company's Universal Trading Unit (UTU) is designed to serve as a unique trusted unit for the exchange of value that addresses many of the systemic issues in the current global monetary economy and is capable of increasing the sources of capital for individuals or organizations with real economic capacity. The UTU meets many of the demands for a universally accepted unit of exchange, and as such, carries with it a potentially significant global social impact, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive, fair and just economy.

Over the past few years, as part of the Company's social purpose development, the Company has compiled an impressive Advisory Board and management has commenced relationships with a number of leading global charitable and social purpose organizations including the United Nations, the Carter Center, Youth Business International and the Clinton Global Initiative. 

As the Company gets closer to becoming fully operational management is increasing activities related to engaging leading global philanthropists and charitable organizations as part of its social purpose agenda.  In addition to encouraging a more level playing field for global trade, the Recipco solution has the potential to increase capital contributions available to social purpose organizations by mobilizing unused corporate capacity to create a new source of donation capital for which corporations can receive tax credits. By creating an economic incentive for companies to examine which forms of excess capacity could be sold or donated, Recipco creates an architecture in which companies are more aware of their capacity to give. 


Below are just some of the recent social purpose activities in which Recipco participated in the past few months: 

YBI Reception at Clarence House
James Fierro and Simon Robinson meeting HRH The Prince of Wales
In February, HRH The Prince of Wales, President of Youth Business International, hosted an event for its corporate supporters and patrons at Clarence House. Recipco was invited to attend the reception alongside representatives from organizations such as Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Ernst & Young and KPMG.

Themed, "From jobless to job creators", the purpose of the meeting was to discuss how businesses could work together to address the youth unemployment crisis and help young people to start their own business.

Mr Fierro was afforded the opportunity to introduce Recipco's business model to HRH The Prince of Wales as it relates to applications in emerging markets and to charitable organizations.

The Carter Center UK Luncheon

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter  and James Fierro
Last Fall the Carter Center hosted a series of events in London, attended by its Founder, Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, as part of the organization's efforts to build awareness and support in the UK for its social purpose initiatives. 

The Carter Center, in partnership with Emory University, is guided by a fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering; it seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health.


Current Funding to Close April 30, 2012.

In its current funding efforts, the Company has raised approximately $1.5 million in equity financing and has received soft commitments for another $2 million from inspired parties who recognize the potential of the Recipco enterprise and the benefits of participating at this stage.  Of real significance for investors coming aboard at this time is the impact the representative transactions envisioned over the coming months will have on the Company's valuation, representing exponential potential for ROI in a short period of time.

Given its current commitments and expressions of interest, the Company will close this round of financing on April 30, 2012.

The current round will be following by a substantial institutional raise which is already well underway in terms of discussions and expressions of interest from leading global businesses (including some of the Company's potential strategic alliance partners), and other financial institutions.

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