About Recipco

Recipco provides a solution for corporations, governments and intergovernmental or non-government organizations to conduct non-monetary trade in a way that overcomes the difficulties, inefficiencies and risk associated with current bilateral barter practices, while enabling them to increase sales, reduce expenses and reduce dependence on cash and credit.
The Recipco solution is also a non-inflationary, private sector option that complements governments' economic stimulus programs to support trade, helps maintain employment and provides an alternative to traditional financing methods.


Since inception, Recipco has conducted international research and development with a team of executives, advisors, consultants and industry specialists, all of whom have broad senior-level experience within leading organizations in financial markets, global trading, Internet commerce, securities exchanges and technology.
The overall Recipco business model was designed by wholesale financial market professionals and practitioners, in partnership with leading economists, to create a robust, secure and credible exchange platform for capacity exchange.
Recipco has developed its non-cash platform for organizations to become more effective through the exchange of goods and services using available production capacity rather than cash. This design innovation is unlike any other well-known B2B electronic payment systems.


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